All of the services are individual as well as a one-stop solution that links all, which is a new added valu
for businesses with flexible strategies and collaboration.

Web&System Solution


In addition to corporate site, EC site, membership site, etc. 

Production of related sites such as landing page, social media and branding site.

Designability including UI / UX in creative interface Based on Mobile First, we support GoogleAMP and introduce SSL.


Production of multiple language sites in addition to Japanese and English. English, Simplified Chinese for China, Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russian etc.


Robust, high performance, systems that realize stable operation,Design, construction, operation etc of a high-load compatible system capable of withstanding high peak access.

It progressed quickly with Agile development in cooperation with design.

It supports not only PC but also multi-device of smartphone, tablet, feature phone.


Selection and construction and operation of servers and networks.

Cloud deployment, design and operation in cloud hosting application strategy.

As cloud technology is developing rapidly, we will respond to constantly changing challenges in the design,deployment and management of cloud solutions.

Low cost and flexibility by scale

Cloud 【AWS】【Aliyun】

Focus on data confidentiality

On-Premises Data center, Servers and infrastructure operated by own company


Web services in general, operation and maintenance of cloud hosting · cloud application, introduction of chat which is important in customer support and operation support etc.

WEB promotion and Web optimization done by introducing PDCA.

Server Hosting

Server for Japan and Asia

Own Caompany Operation
Data Security

Provision and operation of dedicated server under stable environment of Hong Kong IDC. The dedicated server is the most advantageous in terms of cost, customity, and ease of introduction that can not be compared with Japan.

Dedicated Server Hounding
Dedicated Server Rental
Shared Server Rental
Dedicated Rack, Dedicated line

Server for Mainland China

A dedicated server installed in mainland China, which is indispensable for business in China, will provide optimum functionality and line for entering China.


Hong Kong
  • Cost is attractive despite the quality equivalent to Japan, and securing of the skills and engineer's stability suitable for the balance between quality and cost.
  • Essential quality check by the final Japanese, We will also develop in a laboratory offshore suitable for continuous improvement.
  • We support various service development such as Web site construction, smartphone application development.

Chinese Business Support

We have bases in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

To enter the Chinese market, not only the movement of local companies, accurately timely understand the ever-changing economy, the different legal system, business practices, consumer characteristics etc in Japan accurately and analyze accurately In fact, the local basis and human resource are important, and speedy action is required.

In addition to consultants familiar with the Chinese market and the Chinese base, the business department can support in various scenes of China deployment, making full use of the network with the partner companies that have been built up to now.

To China which is switching from manufacturing base to e-commerce and web service.

Approach to the world's largest middle class market in addition to rich people

EC・WEB Servise

  • License:ICP registration to the Chinese government
  • Infrastructure:China hosting · China cloud
  • Chinese translation:Quality transmitted without stress to native users
  • Promotion:Baidu、Taobao、Alibaba、Weibo、Wechat
  • Settlement Method:Settlement tool, application

Establishment of corporation, Legal affairs, Taxation

Human Resource

Advance to Chinese stores [Beauty][Wellness]

Gateway to Asia and China

Easy to enter and efficient in Asian countries, there are geographical advantages and within 4 hours of movement to major Asian markets.

Various privileges to trade are given by the economic trade closing agreement with mainland China, so it will be smooth procedure through Hong Kong rather than entering China directly as a window of China business.