Information security policy

Information systems (hereinafter referred to as "information assets") such as information, hardware and networks circulating the systems used by BIB Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and systems for customers are very important It shall be protected and managed as assets.

In order to fulfill this duty, the Company shall protect all information assets handled by the Company from various threats, establish an "information security policy" on handling the information assets, and transfer this to officers and all employees, Including thorough knowledge, we strive to improve customer satisfaction as a trusted company with information security aspect.

  1. When dealing with information assets, it is appropriate in light of internal regulations.
  2. Take appropriate measures to prevent and correct illegal access to information assets, loss of information assets, leakage, falsification and destruction.
  3. Observe laws and other norms concerning information security policy.
  4. We aim to ensure that information officers and employees are made aware of the importance of information security and to ensure that information assets are properly used.
  5. Establish a management system for the above activities, periodically review and evaluate the compliance status of information security policy, and make efforts to ensure information security by making improvements.